Unleash your iPhone with these new wallpapers celebrating next week’s Apple event

Apple has just announced their October event where we expect to see the long awaited redesigned Apple Silicon MacBook Pros. The event, which takes place on Monday, October 18th is accompanied by a gorgeous invitation graphic. We’ve turned the graphic into some fantastic wallpapers for your iPhone to get hyped for next week’s event.

All of the wallpapers are optimized for the largest iPhone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. We’ve optimized the invitation graphic and made it available in orange, pink, purple, green, red, and teal in addition to the standard colors.

They look really great on the OLED iPhone displays, maybe the event invitation is a tip towards the rumored Mini LED MacBook Pro displays? Nearly all event graphics from the past two years have been used as wallpapers for the devices unveiled at the event and this is likely no exception.