Utilizing the Timer, Alarm, and Stopwatch Apps on Apple Watch

Apple has actually separated its three time-based categories into separate apps on Apple Watch. This permits you to rapidly access the specific feature of the timer, alarm, and stopwatch you desire with just a few taps.

Apple Watch Timer_Alarm_Stopwatch
While the majority of it is obvious, we’ve got some pointers for ways to get the most from each of these apps so they work the way you desire, when you want.


The Timer app on Apple watch makes it possible for you to set a timer right from your wrist so you don’t need to search out your iPhone to turn on and even turn off the alert when time is up.

Apple Watch Timer
Tap the Timer app icon on Apple Watch to open it. Then turn the Digital Crown to change the time. When ready, tap the Start button.

You can switch between a timer that goes from no to 12 hours and a timer that goes from zero to 24 hours by securely pressing the display screen.


The Alarm app on Apple Watch is entirely separate from the iPhone, but the 2 are not mutually unique. Alarms will not sync between devices. However, if you are putting on Apple Watch when an alarm goes off on your iPhone, you will receive an alert and be able to dismiss or snooze it.

Apple Watch Alarm

To set an alarm on Apple Watch:

  1. Open the Alarm app on Apple Watch.
  2. Firmly press the screen to call up the add (+) symbol.
  3. Change the time and repetition. Name the alarm using Dictation. Turn on or off the snooze feature.
  4. Toggle the alarm on or off when you want to activate it.

To delete an alarm, tap it. Then, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete.


The Stopwatch app on Apple Watch is robust with multiple choices for tracking your fitness routine and other activities you may want to utilize a stopwatch with.

Apple Watch Stopwatch
There are four different types of stopwatches. To access the different types, firmly press on the screen to contact the 4 stopwatch icons.

The Analog display shows the seconds on a minute clock face. Tap the green button to start the stopwatch. Tap the white button to set a brand-new lap or reset the data. Tap the red button to stop the stopwatch.

The Digital display screen shows the minutes, seconds, and milliseconds as digital information. Tap the Start button to start the stopwatch. Tap the Lap button to set a new lap. Tap the Stop button to stop the stopwatch. Tap Reset to clear the data.

The Graph display screen shows the details on a chart based upon how much basically time each lap uses. Follow the instructions for the Digital display to control the Graph display.

The Hybrid screen reveals the most crucial functions of all 3. The analog clock face shows the minutes, seconds, and milliseconds, as does the digital data. The chart shows your progress as it pertains to the previous lap. Follow the guidelines for the digital display screen to manage the Hybrid display.

With the Timer, Alarm, and Stopwatch apps on Apple Watch, you can quickly and quickly gain access to the very same features offered within the iPhone’s Clock app, but without having to navigate through many sections. Each app is specifically created to enhance its crucial features.

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