Video: The same person who built an iPhone from spare parts has now added a working headphone jack to the iPhone 7

Scotty Allen who became famous earlier this year for building an iPhone entirely out of spare parts sourced from China is back again with another amazing project; adding a working headphone jack to an iPhone 7. Watch the video below …

This isn’t a joke like the old viral videos of people drilling holes into the bottom of their fancy new iPhones. Allen does it for real; he designs circuit boards, buys chips and hacks together parts from the 3.5mm to Lightning adaptor in order to make this a reality.

It’s quite astounding to see this come to life although obviously the practical value of this is low; it took Allen almost three months, hundreds of dollars and access to even more expensive machinery to get it working. It’s an incredible feat though.

There are only two real differences to an iPhone 6s (the last iPhone to feature the 3.5mm jack). Firstly, the hole for the port is much closer to the edge of the chassis, as Allen had to work around the existing internal layout of battery and other parts.

Second, whilst both the headphone jack and Lightning connector still work, they cannot be used at the same time, due to the way the project was hacked together — relying heavily on the 3.5mm adapter to Lightning components.

You can watch the full video of his journey below; skip to the 30:00 minute mark if you just want to see the final result.

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