Viewpoint: Does the iPhone 6s validate an upgrade from the iPhone 6 after all? [Poll]


A couple of weeks prior to the launch of the iPhone 6s, I wondered whether an S model could really continue the smash hit sales success Apple enjoyed with the iPhone 6. Based upon exactly what we knew then, it appeared like it may be a difficult sell. And at the time, it seems numerous of you felt the very same method: in our poll, just 29 % of iPhone 6 owners said they would ‘‘ definitely’ upgrade.

However my view now is that Apple might have pulled a bunny from the hat. The company has, I think, successfully handled 3 of my five reasons for being doubtful about the sales potential of the 6s:

  • Force Touch is a techy function, with limited mass-market appeal
  • The camera enhancements are good, but the iPhone 6 video camera is already excellent
  • The iPhone 6 still feels like ‘‘ the brand-new iPhone

‘So let’s take a look at each in turn, and see why I think Apple may have handled to prove me wrong …… Force Touch to 3D Touch Force Touch on the Apple Watch is a very convenient feature. Along with the digital crown, it plays a very considerable role in developing a practical user-interface on a very little screen. I was less convinced then that it could be a heading function on an iPhone. I began to question my view when Mark Gurman exposed that the 6s was going to get a more advanced version of the technology, but still had not been offered. Until Apple revealed us with 3D Touch what it was doing with this brand-new technology: Peek and Pop. Peek and Pop

are, I believe, 2 small functions that will certainly

make a massive distinction to how we use our iPhones. Peek is nearly exactly like Glimpse in OS X, where you can press the spacebar while any file is highlighted to obtain a quick preview of it.

That’s a feature I utilize practically each day. If I’ve got a bunch of pictures in a folder, and wish to decide which is the much better one to make use of, Quick Look is a really easy way to preview them– specifically in list view, where I can simply highlight the first one, press the spacebar and after that down-arrow through the rest. If I wish to look up a figure in a spreadsheet, Glance is much faster than opening it in Excel. If a company has actually been annoying enough to send me a news release as a Word file, Glimpse is a simple way to skim-read to see whether it’s of interest. Glimpse on the iPhone 6s will, I presume, show similarly beneficial. Pop gives immediate and user-friendly access to contextual menus. Efficiently things that currently require 2 or more steps on current iPhones will certainly seem like a single step on the iPhone 6s. Sure, the fact is we need to bring up the menu then make our choice, just as we do when right-clicking a file on the Mac, however it’s going to feel a lot slicker. I may have corrected that Force Touch alone isn’t a headline feature for mass-market customers, however I think 3D Touch– with its Peek and Pop functionality– is. Live Photos I said prior to that, welcome as the cam improvements would be, the iPhone 6 cam is currently great– and that Apple had touted it

as such, long and loud. It would, I said, have a challenging job to persuade us that the 6s one was drastically better. Then along came Live Photos. I’m not yet sure what to make of this feature. Will it be a novelty that we’ll take pleasure in a few short times then never take a look at it again? Will it be something we’ll value on a few short photos, however not bother with for most? Or will

it be a function people will definitely enjoy, feeling that it revives the memories in a way that the still images alone don’t? It’s early days yet in our poll, but at2

the time of writing around 40

% of you enjoy the concept of it, and just 15 % see it as a novelty that will wear away. The boost in pixels may make little distinction in a world where the huge majority of photos are never ever seen on anything larger than an iPhone or iPad screen, or as a greatly-reduced image on Facebook.

But with Live Photos a feature distinct to the 6s, Apple has effectively transformed the cam into a headline feature. ‘ The new iPhone’I said before that the iPhone 6 still seemed like ‘ the brand-new iPhone. ‘The change in size and design over the iPhone 5s was so remarkable that I still was still hearing people describe it by this term nearly a full year after its launch. With few external modifications, I questioned how numerous of those who want to be seen to be making use of the most recent and biggest iPhone would bother to upgrade to something that was essentially identical in look.

But while the hardware has actually scarcely changed, the software has. Most years, anyone with an older design iPhone can accept the upgrade to the most current variation of iOS and get the majority of the new features. The software experience on in 2014’s iPhone is little various to the software experience on the newest model. This time, though, it’s various.


‘Peek, Pop and Live

Pictures are three headline functions you can just get with ‘the iPhone 6s. And it’s those functions, I believe, that are going to make in 2013’s 6 feel rather more like the old iPhone. Trade-in information from NextWorth appears to support that. The business informs me that trade-ins are up 210 % on in 2014, but the actually intriguing part is this: in 2014, only 25 % of trade-ins were of the previous year’s design– this year, it’s more than 50 %. And me? Will I upgrade from the 6 to the 6s? I do not have a set pattern to my upgrades. I constantly purchase my iDevices outright, opened and complimentary from agreement, so it all depends upon how much the brand-new functions appeal to me. I went from the iPhone 4 to the 4S for Siri, but avoided both the 5 and the 5S. I purchased the iPhone 6 mostly for Apple Pay, though I’ve likewise pertained to truly value Touch ID. I’m type of believing that Live Photos are a gimmick, though I do think they are something you have to experience prior to you can really tell. But Peek and Pop? Those are appealing. Maybe I should take

my Apple Watch method: purchase one and see, taking it back within the refund period if it doesn’t offer itself to me. iPhone 6s Journal, anyone? Exactly what about you? Take our survey, and let us understand your thoughts in the comments. Take Our Poll Take Our Survey Submitted under: iOS Devices Tagged


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