Volta XL fast charging USB-C cable brings MagSafe-like magnetic connector back to MacBook | 9to5Mac

Volta XL is a new fast charging USB-C cable that includes a built-in magnetic connector much like the MagSafe connector Apple removed from its MacBooks in the transition to USB-C for power.

You can preorder the Volta XL today for $35 (22% off retail pricing).

All cables aren’t created equal when it comes to charging speed. A lot of the cheaper USB-C cables on the market aren’t going to give you “fast charging”, and that means cables like Volta XL can be up to 70% faster at charging your devices compared to the competition.

But fast charging aside, the real standout feature of the Volta XL is a built-in magnetic connector that brings the MagSafe-like functionality back to MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

As pictured above, the magnetic connector both makes connecting and disconnecting from your MacBook or MacBook Pro super easy while remaining securely connected when in use…

The big benefit here of course is protection from people or pets tripping over your cable and dragging your expensive laptop down with it.