Wally Case for iPhone X with a hidden wallet is great for fans of Apple’s leather case

Distil Union is back with its latest Wally Case, this time for iPhone X. While there are lots of wallet-style options on the market, Wally Case and Wally Stick-On stand out as two of the most slim and refined ways to protect your iPhone and discreetly carry your wallet essentials. Follow along for a hands-on look.

Distil Union had a hit with its original Wally for iPhone back in 2013 and over the years has seen seven successful Kickstarter campaigns. Now, the company has almost completed its eighth crowdfunding campaign to launch its newest models for iPhone X.

The design duo behind Wally follows the mantra: Simplify. Smile. Repeat. Since 2011, the team has been on a mission to simplify everyday life with purposeful product designs.

In addition to the super slim Wally Stick-On, Wally Case is a more protective option that fans of Apple’s leather cases will be sure to love.

  • Full-grain, natural leather ages handsomely with you over time, sourced from tanneries certified for environmental stewardship.
  • Hidden card storage is what makes Wally great: Up to 3 must-have cards stay secure, close at hand– and out of sight.
  • Quick card access with our signature Wally Pull-Tab™
  • Updated and improved designs– just for iPhone X

Wally Case for iPhone X: A sleek leather case to protect your investment

  • Sophisticated case with strong polycarbonate core and raised front bezel for face-down protection
  • Soft microfiber interior protects the back surface of your iPhone X against scratches
  • Responsive push-through leather buttons and open bottom for optimal swipe-up action

Wally Stick-On for iPhone X: For the minimalist who wants functionality

  • Non-permanent adhesive applies directly to your iPhone X and leaves behind zero residue
  • The minimal way to add functionality and grip to Apple’s most slippery phone yet…
  • Just like with previous Distil Union products I’ve used, both the material and build quality feels premium. The natural full-grain leather is super soft and comfortable in hand right out of the box and details like stitching and the edges of the case are high quality.

    Wally Stick-On is available in black or brown, while Wally Case is offered in black, brown, gray, and red. Both also come with a tempered glass (9H) screen protector with contoured edges for iPhone X.

    Wally Stick-On

    I’ve really enjoyed using both of these new offerings. On one hand, I love how slim and minimal Wally Stick-On is. With the option to carry three (you could probably stretch it to four, but three is recommended) cards without adding hardly any bulk to my iPhone, it’s an awesome product. I also appreciate that it takes away the unevenness created by the camera bump.

    Wally Stick-On is super easy to apply to the back of your iPhone X and has remained super secure in my time testing it. As you’ll find with both of these, the Wally Pull-Tab is a really satisfying way to reveal your hidden cards.