Watch The iPhone 6 Take A Dip In ‘Hot Ice’ [Video]

Salt acetate, or else recognized as ‘‘ very hot ice’, is a quite amazing option since, when interrupted by a great things, it quickly morphs from a liquid to a crystallized, ice-like composition. The reason for this little of background info is because one YouTuber has determined to see exactly what happens to one of technology’s most in-demand devices when immersed in very hot ice, and as you’ve most likely supposed from the title, the “”amazing object” “in this instance is none other compared to the Apple iPhone 6. As you could likewise have actually amassed from previous experiments of this nature, the results are pretty darned impressive.

From iPads came by liquified lava to the gazillion decline tests, individual have discovered a lot of ways to determine the durability of our cell phones, destroying lots of them while doing so. This newest clip falls someplace in between damaging and valuable, for while the heat of the salt acetate could do serious damage to the vital organs of the device and induce it to overheat, we can slightly evaluate the iPhone 6’s merits in protecting itself against the elements.

iPhone 6 hot ice main

Not that salt acetate belongs of the cell phone proprietor’s Unofficial Book of Everyday Hazards, however that doesn’t stop us intending to watch this clip from YouTuber TechRax, and when you do, you will surely be in admiration of just how swiftly the remedy reacts to the iPhone’s visibility and begins to establish.

Amidst the marvels of science, the iPhone even more than takes care of to stand its ground, and while the device isn’t splash proof or water resistant (come on now Apple……) it still appears to be useful even after a decent amount of time showering in salt acetate.

In spite of its victorious emergence without any evident damage, we would, of course, not recommend repeating this experiment in your home, with your very own iPhone 6. Certain, it’s far better able to hold its own compared to past iPhones, which would certainly frequently confiscate up at the initial sign of steam, but up until Apple makes a decision to bring in some sort of water-resistance to the iPhone, keep it away from all kinds of liquid and dirt.

Anyway, have a look at this especially amazing iPhone 6 examination embedded here, and leave your ideas with us in the comments.

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