Watch this 3D X-ray of the AirPods composited from 900 different images

The folks over at iFixit have once again teamed up with Creative Electron’s Bill Cardoso to bring us X-ray images of the latest hot Apple tech. This time around the subject of the X-ray images is Apple’s hard-to-get AirPods. But unlike previous images of the iPhone 7 Taptic Engine and Apple Watch S1 chip, Creative Electron has served up a unique 3D image that provides us with a remarkable detailed look inside the shell of the AirPods.

By harnessing the power of a Fusion CT machine, Creative Electron was able to create an extremely detailed 3D X-ray model of the AirPods by combining 900 different images. A single AirPod was placed on a turntable-like device, which allowed it to be capture at various points as it rotated 360 degrees.

Once each of the 900 images were combined, a volumetric image is composed that allows the user to view the X-ray in 3D space. Creative Electron also added a color gradient to the composite image in post to represent the amount of density at different areas.

Such an X-ray is helpful when it comes to understanding the makeup of electronic products like the AirPods, and serves as more of a complement to the traditional teardown than an outright replacement.

The scans also have potential troubleshooting applications, such as performing diagnostics, verifying proper solder mounts, etc. By using tomography, it may be possible to diagnose and verify issues without needing to crack open the device itself.

As you can see from these images, the AirPods are a remarkable design feat made up of insanely tiny components. Even still, they’re able to deliver good sound quality and decent battery life. Be sure to watch our full AirPods walkthrough, which highlights many of the features that makes this product special.

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