watchOS 5 developer beta 4 for Apple Watch now available

watchOS 5 developer beta 4 for Apple Watch is now available for testing. As always, we’ll dig through the latest beta version and highlight all the changes between the previous beta and the latest beta below.

watchOS 5 for Apple Watch includes Competitions for Activity Sharing; yoga and hiking as workout types; workout start and stop reminders; pace alerts, rolling miles, and cadence for outdoor running workouts; Apple Podcast syncing and streaming; a new Walkie-Talkie app for watch-to-watch communication; new data sources on the Siri watch face; grouped notifications; and much more.

In betas 2 and 3, we also saw watch face tweaks, Walkie-Talkie activated, and eventually Raise To Speak Siri turned on:

  • 2: Walkie-Talkie app now shows friend suggestions
  • 2: New Now Playing indicator on watch face
  • 2: Siri voice volume now independent of system alert volume
  • 3: New Breathe app icon (matches in-app design)