Ways to Avoid Lightning Cable television From Breaking Or Wearing away [Video]

One thing that usually sets Apple apart from its competitors is the company’s dedication to produce innovative products that are crafted from the outright finest products using the most current engineering strategies. And sometimes, even designing new materials or engineering approaches to take things to a different level. Unfortunately, even with the very best will on the planet, often lapses in quality do make themselves understood, which definitely seems to apply to Apple’s Lightning cables. Fortunately, there may be an option, albeit a little cumbersome.

Apple’s intro of the Lightning cable, as a direct replacement for the 30-pin option that shipped with devices like the iPhone 4s, assured to bring with it an improvement in durability. Anyone who regularly utilizes a Lightning cable television for charging or synchronization will understand that this simply isn’t really the case. Some cables will certainly suffer damage quicker than others, but a lot of users are complaining that merely manipulating the cable television to fit into sockets or just generally utilizing it triggers the ends to fray in record time.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.01.32 PM

Most of the damage triggered to the Lightning cable originates from twisting and manipulating it in a way that was not intended, which of course makes sense. People are probably also guilty of tugging the cable television out of the socket or the attached computer system by really getting the sheath of the cable television rather than utilizing the tough plastic connection. A fairly easy solution to the problem, albeit not exactly perfect, is to start an easy “life hack” by putting springs at both ends to make sure that the cable television itself isn’t really bent or controlled in a long-term way that would trigger damage to the surrounding sheath.

Take a look at the accompanying video for a brief guide on how this can be accomplished.

But what about if you already have a damaged cable television? Should you cover a spring around it to enhance things? Instead of parting with cash or attempting some added life hacks, it’s been reported that Apple will obviously offer a no headache replacement within retail stores when presented with an accompanying iPhone or iPad. Naturally, the cable television is something that’s likely utilized every day, so parting with roughly $ 19 for a replacement wouldn’t hurt either.

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