Ways to Discover Out iMessage Cellular Data Usage Stats On iPhone

If you occur to be on a capped information plan, you’ll know everything about utilizing specific apps sparingly while keeping track of roaming settings like a hawk. However while it’s relatively obvious that a YouTube binge is going to rapidly consume that priceless quota, Apple’s iMessage is a relatively quiet culprit.

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After all, you can send images, videos, audio clips and text with relative ease, and unlike with WhatsApp and others, they’re not heavily compressed.

If you want to keep abreast of iMessage’s data-usage practices, examining the quantity of cellular MBs used is possible at stock level, and although the feature is a little odd, you can quickly access it with simply a little bit of navigation.

You do not even need to be running a stringent information plan to wish to discover this information out. After all, most of us prefer to watch on what we’re utilizing be it connecting to battery, information, or storage, and you might well be a tad delighted to find out just how much cellular information iMessage can demolish when sharing images, videos and other high-octane information.

Below, we have lay out the steps:

Step 1: Fire up the Settings app on your iOS gadget.

Step 2: Find the ‘‘ Cellular’ option and tap on it.

iOS Screenshot 20140901-201618 03

Step 3: Scroll down, and near all-time low, you’ll discover ‘‘ System Services’.

iOS Screenshot 20140901-201614 02

Step 4: Check the number beside ‘‘ Messaging Services’; this figure stands for just how much data iMessage has consumed over cellular connection.

iOS Screenshot 20140901-201609 01

If this number is expensive for your taste, there are a number of steps you can take. Of course, it would be perfect if iMessage might be switched off over cellular, however this isn’t a possibility, and although closing down iMessage totally is a relatively obvious solution to conserving those precious megabytes of data, it’s a little a radical strategy.

If you are capped and don’t desire iMessage to continuously consume into your allowance, you can make sure that you’re linked to Wi-Fi wherever possible.

Sure, it’s a lot much easier to just wander over cellular connection all the time, but if you simply took the time to scan around for the many free hotspots lurking around the majority of built-up locations, your gadget might automatically start conserving your information allowance for when you might actually require it.

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