Waze navigation now works with CarPlay | 9to5Mac

Waze for iPhone finally works with Apple CarPlay on iOS 12. The latest update to Waze lets you use the smart navigation app on the built-in screen in your car with CarPlay support. Waze on CarPlay includes voice search, reporting issues for other drivers, and more.

Saving time & avoiding traffic is even easier with these updates: – Waze now works with CarPlay – connect your iPhone and use Waze conveniently from your built-in car display (on supported models only)

Waze on CarPlay includes some unique features in addition to the route recommendations it is known for — for example, you can opt to use the daytime map at night which can improve legibility (or the night time map during the day) and change how your “car” on the map appears. Drivers can also accumulate points for using Waze — even with the CarPlay version.

Here’s how reporting accidents and other details looks with Waze on CarPlay: