Woman shares story of paddle boarding with Apple Watch – 9to5Mac

The Apple Watch has been credited with saving people’s lives on numerous occasion. This week, a woman from Massachusetts has shared a unique story of how the Apple Watch saved her life while paddle boarding off the Nahant Beach.

As detailed by The Boston Globe, the woman was paddle boarding off of Nahant Beach when the wind started to blow her out to sea. The wind became too much for her to paddle against, and she decided to call 911 using her Apple Watch. The call connected her to the Lynn, Massachusetts fire department.

The Boston Globe was able to obtain audio of the the 911 call, in which the woman frantically tells dispatches that she’s drifting further away from the shore. She also expressed embarrassment over the situation, but the dispatcher responded by saying she had no reason to be embarrassed.

“The wind blew her way off the beach,” said Swampscott Police Sergeant Bill Waters.

The woman told the dispatcher she was embarrassed she had to call for help, but the wind was too much for her to paddle against, and she was drifting farther away from shore.