You can now order the AirTag and the purple iPhone 12, delivers April 30

The Apple Store is back up and you can now order an AirTag or four, as well as the purple iPhone 12. First orders deliver next Friday, April 30. Remember you’ll also need an AirTags case or bag loop to actually attach the AirTag to your keys or luggage.

A single AirTag costs $29 or you can get a four-pack for $99. The new purple color is available for the iPhone 12 (from $799) and iPhone 12 mini (from $699).

The AirTag is a small Bluetooth device set to compete in the same market as the Tile tracker. You can attach an AirTag to a valuable item like a set of keys and then track their location through the Find My app on your iPhone. The AirTag does not have integrated GPS. Instead, it broadcasts a Bluetooth signal that nearby iOS devices detect and report their location to the Find My network.

If nearby, you can make an AirTag play a sound to help locate it or use Ultra-Wide Band and take advantage of a Precision Finding experience. Using an iPhone 11 or later, an arrow will appear on the screen that directly points to the location of the AirTag. Precision Finding starts working when within about 30 feet of range.

If your item is lost and it’s not near you, you can set the AirTag to Lost Mode. This means that anyone who finds your item in the wild can scan the AirTag using NFC (on either iPhone or Android) which will launch a webpage displaying contact information like a phone number to call.