You Can Now Utilize Animated GIFs On Facebook, Here’s How It Works

Facebook today signed up with the 21st century. We’re not discussing some sort of futuristic addition to the world’s largest social network. We’re talking about GIFs. Really.

If you’re a heavy Facebook user then you are most likely already aware that the social network has not supported GIFs throughout its life, even though the competitors has actually doinged this just fine. The method of support for animated GIFs throughout the years has been to let users publish a URL to the GIF they desire everyone to see and after that use that URL to popular the social media post with the GIF in concern. It behaved and basic and worked like an appeal.

And now it works just great on Facebook, too.


Beginning today anybody who publishes the URL of an animated GIF will certainly see the URL replaced with the GIF to which it points, animations and all.

This is a pretty big addition to Facebook, and not simply for those that like to post GIFs every hour of the day. See, not all of us wish to see animated cat GIFs every other post and Facebook is no different but alas, that’s most likely precisely what is going to take place from now on, and we can only hope things will die down when the novelty begins to subside.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 3.15.36 AM

While GIFs do tend to be used mostly for publishing animations of felines doing amusing things there are obviously some better situations in which a GIF can get a message across. The current trend is to utilize GIFs instead of short videos when trying to reveal something like part of a smartphone app or portion of a game, and having Facebook support such things can just be a positive.

Whether that’s the kind of thing you will certainly see in your Facebook timeline, or whether it will be GIFs of the feline range, depends upon the individuals you are pals with or follow over there.

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